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Friday, June 25, 2010

batch three : miss c SOLD OUT

hey hey hey hey...the next batch is up...let's not wait any longer...

material: cotton
price: rm10 (exclude delivery)

miss c (i)
color: black+red
sold ;p

miss c (ii)
color: purple (base), grey+black+light purple (bears)
sold ;p

miss c (iii)
color: pink (base), grey (heart)
sold ;p

miss c (iv)
color: black+white
sold ;p

miss c (v)
color: grey (base), purple+white+pink+black (flowers)
sold ;p

miss c (vi)
color: black (base), blue+pink+green+grey+white (flowers)
sold ;p

miss c (vii)
color: grey+black
sold ;p

miss c (viii)
color: blue+black
sold ;p

miss c (ix)
color: red+black
minor defect
sold ;p

grab fast! ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

batch two : miss b SOLD OUT

material : jojet lembut
price : rm10

miss b (i)
color : dark purple (base), pink+blue+orange+purple (dots)
sold ;p

miss b (ii)
color : off white (base), turqoise+olive green+pink+purple (dots)
sold ;p

miss b (iii)
color : turqoise+grey+black
sold ;p

miss b (iv)
color : red+black+grey
sold ;p

miss b (v)
color : ocean blue+fuchsia+light orange+light green
sold ;p

miss b (vi)
color : chocolate+purple+pink
sold ;p

miss b (vii)
color : dark blue+light blue
sold ;p

miss b (viii)
color : grey+soft pink
sold ;p

miss b (ix)
color : black (base), pink (border), pink+purple+blue+green (flowers)
sold ;p

cotton material shawls will be published not later than monday
stay tune loves


hello peeps...since the first batch:miss a is all sold out,second batch:miss b will be coming in the nick of time...stay tune for the grand entrance of the beautiful shawls for you to grab...get your money ready as it will be worth it!

daa... ;p

Monday, June 21, 2010

miss khairunnisa

miss khairunnisa in miss a (vii)
thank you dear